100th Post!

This is my 100th post, so I thought I will make it special. I done some maths and also I wanted to thank few people on Protag for their continuing support =)

This is my 100th post! So happy about that, I usually quit websites really quickly, but I love Protag even more than before. As, this is my 100th post, I thought I will do some quick maths and show you all my statistics for all my works. And then… loads of saying "thank you" will follow! So:

"Letters To The Dearest To My Heart":
2 recommendations
3 times favourite
9 pages

"Labyrinth of Mind": my collaboration with amazing Trish!
3 recommendations
1 time favourite
5 pages

3 recommendations
3 times favourite
13 pages

"My Deepest Emotions": My biggest baby on here.
2 recommendations
8 times favourite
62 pages

"The Parallel Universe Hell":
1 recommendation
3 pages

"Love Hurts":
1 recommendation
2 times favourite
2 pages

"Titles of Songs Madness!"
14 views and CocaColaExecution took part creating amazing poems!
3 pages

50 page markers had been added to my works! And 2 people liked my profile on Facebook. My biggest achievement on this website? Being #1 here, which I didn't really liked because I think they are way more talented people here.

Now, the part I wanted to really do. I need to thank so many people here! Let's start then, shall we? I don't want to put people in coma before they reach to their name!

Trish - you were the first person to say hi to me on Protag! And I can even explain how happy I am that you did that! You became more than only a creative friend, you became one of my dearest friends. Probably that is the biggest reason why I love Protag: it made me meet you! You comment a lot on my stuff, we were writing together a few times and I always had so much fun doing that. Your work is really amazing and you got talent, I really mean that! Thank you ever so much just for having a beautiful inside!

D.G Ruston - for being an amazing friend and looking at my work and just being honest about it. You have a real talent when it comes to fantasy stories and you have passion for writing which is the most important thing. Writing with you is great and I cannot wait for our story to be completed! Thank you for everything mate! You are the best. Wouldn't be writing as much as I am without you. You are the friend I don't want to loose.

Angel-of-Darkness - you ALWAYS comment on my stuff without a fail! I know it is hard to keep up with reading people's work, so I am really grateful for that! You have a sweet talent to write horror stories and you are very good at poems! I am really glad I found you on Protag and I hope you will be writing for a long time!

SumnerzAngel - thank you so much for your kind comments! And for the chats we had on Protag, they really made me laugh all the time! Your work is really great and you are very talented when it come to poems, I never found anything bad to say about them! Thank you for reading my work and I wish you loads of creativity!

LiquidDiamondTears - My grammar Nazi. Thank you so much for correcting so many of my works, I know it probably took you ages to actually correct them, so I really appreciate that because it helped me to make my little creative world better! Your works are always spotless and I could only learn from you and try to make no mistakes. I love descriptions in your works and the word choice is always spot on. Good luck with your writing!

CocaColaExecution - thank you ever so much for commenting lately on my stuff! I am really glad you liked my newest stuff and I am even more happy that you joined me in "Titles of Songs Madness!" Your newest horror story is actually amazing, so carry on with it because I cannot wait to read more of it! Is just perfect. Let loads of creativity be with you!

Cat_Monty - thanks for all your comments and praise on my work. Thank you for those chats we had on Protag that made me laugh loads. Your have a real talent for writing with loads of emotions and I always do enjoy reading your work! I hope you will be writing for a long time! Keep writing because you are very good at it and you have passion for it! Good luck with everything! 

Rhi'sWords - I am so glad you read my work. Your works are always so full of emotions and I love that fact. I don't think I ever found anything bad about your works and I don't think I will. They are always top quality stuff and I am glad to call you my Protag friend.

And also, massive thank you to anyone that did read, rated or recommended my work! Community here is great and I couldn't possibly find a better website to write. Thank you all!

*hugs everyone*

The End

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