"That's just like, your opinion, man."

The nature of using opinions in argument.
(Also, I've labelled this work as an essay, even though it doesn't follow tradition essay conventions)

Moon on 'OPINIONS'

We all have them, we all propagate them and we all believe ours is the best. Or, at least is equal or greater than other peoples'. 

But can opinions be wrong? In their definition, they are 'personal view, attitude, or appraisal', which implies that they are related to the person who holds said opinion, and not necessarily based upon empirical reasoning and fact. For instance, how can one build up a case for blue being 'the best colour' when all the arguments that support it can be reversed and used just as effectively for red, or even yellow? Surely what is the 'best' colour is entirely down to personal choice and cannot therefore be supported by evidence?

Most people see this to be the case, which leads to the point of this long-winded rant. In casual debate (i.e. not regulated by a referee), most will retreat to the realms of 'it's just YOUR opinion' or 'but it's MY opinion' in order to try and either save face or dismiss points without evidence. But an opinion supported by evidence surely should have more value than one without? For example, if someone were to say, 'it is my opinion that the sky is green', would it make the viewpoint valid because they labelled it an opinion? 

I do not believe so. I feel as though there is a strict line between what is opinion, that is to say what simply relies on personal taste, and what is wrong, that is to say is not supported by evidence, where counter arguments are. There is a wealth of scientific knowledge which supports the argument 'the sky is blue' and none for the argument that 'the sky is green.'

This is the habit I abhor in everyday life. Our culture has evolved to a degree where someone can't simply be wrong, and as such no one wants to admit error, even in the face of obvious conclusions. You cannot rely on the 'opinion' argument to account for faulty maths. So why should it work that logic is superseded by opinion?

Just my tuppence on the matter.

The End

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