that one time, on that late night

one night, i couldn't sleep, with my insomnia and all. i messaged you, figuring you wouldn't get back to me until the next day sometime. you texted  me back and told me that you had been dreaming of me, that i had been on your mind all day; we had been texting the entire day through but you said you missed me even then as my words sprawled across your phone's screen.

one night, late night, you told me how much you wanted to see me, hold me, touch me. you said you missed me, and i believed you , oh god how i believed in you. i would've given you everything that i was, that i am. i would've given  you my heart, my soul, my body in all ts forms.

one night, late night we made our own language, a language that explained our pasts and the possibility of our future.

late night,next night, i learned that language knows not how to love, and that you lied; lied through your teeth, lied as your hands caressed me gently in your car, led me into a opaque haze of completeness, a false safe place; you lied as you kissed me and whispered of tomorrow.

one night, late night, you told me you missed me.

The End

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