Flashes of Angel's Mind

Sometimes I get inspiration for saying or some things add the oddest of times: I may be nowhere near paper, or just about to sleep; but still, these odd phrases, the ‘sayings of my mind’ need to be written down somewhere. 


Who is she? Is she a metaphor? Is she a mirage? Do her words hang like icicles, dripping from her palms, ready to glisten as they fall, forming this world? I play with words, and they play with me. 

Imagine there is an ocean, and in that ocean are a thousand fish and a thousand more. This is your mind, and those are the wonders you can catch, your wonderful thoughts that you are able to unlock...if only you would try. 

The world at night is such a beautiful place. It's a shame no camera can catch it: the darkness leaking into the shadows, the mist of the night... 

Tenderly, the moon rose out of the horizon. It was cloud-filled and pale blue, a reflection of the shimmering sea stretching out below it.

The End

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