The Guy

Note: I wrote this in Y9. It's about a rather demented character of mine, who is referred to as "the Guy" because I never thought of a proper name for him. Anyway, I'd never been able to describe a character like this before so I was quite pleased with it. And I got a 7c for it *grin*

The Guy leaned against the wall in his usual spot. One hand resting on the pistol in the right-hand pocket of his jacket, the other holding an upside-down Spiderman comic which he was pretending to read, though his bowler hat was pulled over his eyes. He produced a cigar from his pocket and placed it, unlit, between his lips, before regaining hold on his gun.

His hair, sleek and shiny, hung in an ebony curtain, stopping at his shoulders in a neat, thin line.

He stayed like this in most of his free time, as he preferred to be alone and not many people came to this part of the City. Those who did tented to avoid him because they knew his tolerance level was below tolerance itself.

His scent was of cologne so strong that the actual smell of it was unknown beneath its sting, and the bitter taste it left in your mouth.

He spoke to me once, and only to tell me that to be in my own imagination was a logical impossibility (as this was where i was at the time), and then he pulled his hat back over his eyes and acted as if no-one had spoken.

One incident which stuck in my mind involved a certain person by the name of Skye. The Guy heard her appear because she landed opposite him from the Outesphere with a thud. After a while of knowing that she hadn't moved an inch, he sighed and shifted his hat so that he could see her.

"Name." He demanded calmly.

"Skye," she said.

"Skye," he repeated. "Go away."


He ignored her.

"Well, who are you?" She snapped suspiciously.

"You don't need to know."

It went on like this, the Guy's temper rising the whole time, and then erupting when she aimed and electric ball at him. He took out his pistol and casually shot her. Then carried on as if nothing had happened.

The End

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