That Classy Man

When the sun shines you can see him,

right over there running.

Running like there's no tomorrow.

Sometimes with his teammates,

sometimes by himself.

But always wearing his most stylish clothes!

He's tall, skinny, and full of class!

Can you see him?

Right over there on the horizon.

When the sun is at it's brightest you can even see him smile,

smile about how happy and how free he is.

Now all day and every day can be a

"It's been real, it's been fun, it's been real fun"

moment up there in the sky.

He's there to watch over all his friends and family,

to protect them from danger and help to ease their pain.

He wants them to be happy,

happy just like he is now.

Shining in that very bright, yellow sun,

smiling his greates smile.


The End

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