Any Other Way

I was running out of teabags.

Making a mental note to make a quick stop by the store later, I pulled the last pack of Lipton's Natural Tea out of it's package and doused it in hot water.  The sweet aroma was carried to my senses and I smiled. I  bounced the tea bag around until the water turned a dark brown then went to my pantry to locate the sugar and honey.  On my way back, I stopped and grabbed the milk out of the refrigerator. I added the sugar and honey (probably more than was really necessary),  swirled it around with a spoon before adding the milk that turned the tea from brown to a light cream color.  

My grandma used to say that I mutilated my tea.  

I clasped the mug in both hands and stared out of my kitchen window.  The snow had been falling for a week or so now, and the earth was covered in the soft, white flakes.  I could picture my students praying for a snow day in the coming week.  And who knows?

I turned to enter my living room but almost tripped over Bella.  The white cat had decided to snuggle between my ankles as a morning hello.  Setting my mug on the counter, I bent down and scratched between her ears.  

"Good morning to you, too, Bella," I said.  

I continued on my way to the living room and saw Luna, my blue Great Dane, fast asleep on the couch.  I patted her on the shoulder and said, "Come on, Luna, time to get up.  Luna!  Come on, girl!  Up!"

Her large eyes glaring at me in that adorable way only dogs can accomplish, Luna relinquished her spot on the couch.  I sat down, folded my legs under my body, and grabbed my laptop from the small side table.

My career teaching an Honors English course to eleventh graders combined with my writing was certainly taking a toll on my laptop.  Sitting under the over-worked piece of technology was the stack of quizzes over Frankenstein that needed to be graded this weekend.  

Looking up from my computer, a small smile slid across my face.  Bella was curled up in her bed, Luna lay in front of the couch (that would make leaving interesting), and Topaz the Doberman was probably asleep somewhere.  Tonight was girls' night; I'd have to call and see where we were meeting, and my editor was supposed to be contacting me about the release of my first novel.  

Life was crazy, hectic, and unbelievable frustrating, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Turning back to my computer screen and I typed in the site that had always been a home.  

Welcome to Protagonize.

Ah, sanity.

The End

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