Tell Me...

There are too many things that people say and do not always mean. This is for all the times someone has said it and you know they didn't mean it.

Tell me you love me and mean it
Don't tell me empty words
If you don't mean it then why bother?
Make me believe it with what you do
Tell me with flowers, caresses and smiles
Then tell me you love me again

Tell me that you're sorry
I need to know that you feel it
Don't kinda sorta apologize
Own up to how you made me feel
No excuses or explanations
Just tell me you're sorry and mean it

Words are just sounds and symbols
Meaningless without intent
We use them, twist them, abuse them
Too often we say without thinking
So tell me and actually mean it

Tell me that you believe in me
Don't take it back in a minute
Those words that cut negate your praise
You can't have it every way
Either you have faith or you don't
Will you tell me that you believe?

The End

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