Nil By Mouth

I can't swallow this meal

Clear the plates of cheats and liars

You're welcome to these leftovers

Of bitterness and deceit

Choke now, on this scone of dust


Hunger never sated

Tea-tray packed away

Elevenses is over

It's over, my family

And I can't eat another bite


There was nothing left 

But the smell of tea and crumpets

Nil by mouth and nothing left 

You take what I can't bear to eat 


The delicate china tea cups

Rattled on their saucers

To be smashed upon the floor

I still can hear 

The cries of my mother

And the beeping of machines

The ticking of the clock onwards to supper


And though my appetitie

Keeps growing with each passing day

The tea bags never worked that well

When dipped in boiling blood 


Elevenses is over

It's done, my family

I can't eat another bite.

The End

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