Teatime of Hate

A collection of lyrics, interviews and other miscellaneous content from the new Death Teatime-Metal band 'Teatime of Hate'

The title track from Teatime of Hate's debut, self-titled album.

Teatime of Hate

The clotted cream of destruction
Spread it on your scones of hate
Teatime of persecution!
Wash it down with a hot mug of annihilate!

Consume the Danish roll of the end times
Let fire rain down from the skies
A soufflé of sickening hate crimes
Take your fill of the devils pies!

Oooooooo yaaaaaaarrrrrrgghhh!

My hate is a 3 course meal
Your fear is a nice white wine
But we're eating red meat, fool
And you can't have white when on blood you dine!

Faauuuuuuuux paaaaaaaas!


The End

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