Honestly, I just want to elicit that many teachers who practice the common, everyday, go to work, get the job done mediocrity are getting a lot of undue praise due to this standardized testing brick that the government has tied to all teachers' legs. There are teachers who may be "good" teachers who's test scores are through the roof. Statistically, these teachers are doing great. However, our society is reaping the consequences of their mediocrity. While, on the outside, it may seem that the students are receiving the curriculum and understanding it, they are either shoving it off the first chance they get or they just become robots and do it because it's been programmed into their brains. I'm not saying that these teachers are all bad and that they should all be fired. I'm simply stating that they're missing the point. While, statistically they may be doing better, students aren't going to hold on to the teachings of a person who accepts the cages placed on them by a series of tests. They're going to remember someone who made them, not only understand what they're being taught, but gave them meaning within the subject. A teacher they'll remember is one who made them care. Someone who gave outside application to their personal lives. Someone who pushed them.

The End

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