Tape it back together



This heart isn’t fickle

And these eyes don’t wonder

I had my eye on the prize

A phony crown and false throne

I should have been content

But I wanted more…always more

But never being ful..filled

A sin paid in heartache…



The steel wire cables that tied my heart to yours, are cut one by one…

So we bind ourselves together with whatever we can find

From scotch tape to white glue

But I’m afraid it’s just too late

Every day I find myself wondering away

I turn around and see the tape stretched wide

And you pulling it back, until we are one



I’m not a ghost

A shadow just passing through

But you treat me that way

You won’t touch me

You barely look at me

And I’m broken

You won’t tell me how to fix it

And that’s the most telling thing of all




The world ends slowly In the fading light

There’s nothing left to say

No promises to up hold

Just you and me lingering on

Don’t let it all close in on us

Just kiss me and let it be done

The tears will come…like they always come

But please leave out the rage…

It’s hard enough as it is



The End

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