He wakes up, picks his battered jeans off the floor, steps into them and pulls them to his waste. He wanders to the bed side table and removes a cigarette from the packet. 

The bright morning sun is restricted by the old sheet hanging from the window, cigarette smoke fills the darkened air.

Her: "What time is it?"

Him: "It's like.... 9.30."

Her: "Urgh, you have to go right?"

Him: "You know me babe."

Her: "Like no one else...."

Her: "Hey listen, don't call me for a couple of days ok, he's back for the weekend and i could really do without ... well you know... anything for an easy life."

Him: "Hey sure thing, i got some stuff i gotta do anyways, i'll see you real soon."

He walks towards the door, just as he is about to leave the room...

"Hey, i was thinking about dying my hair back red."

He turns to look at her and flashes that devilsh smile that only she could perceive angelic and then leaves the room.




The End

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