Tall Trees

I the tree

Free to be

Rooted into a multitude of light beems

I the tree

Godesses set so free

Bit a forbiden apple from a christmas tree

I  the tree so wild to be

The earth stands still while my voice is finaly herd

The rooted

 The gypsy queen

A misses in a world of infinite wisdom

I your tree so sensual a wonderful light being

Godesses walk a special dance

In beauty love and grace

Hearts alike begin to race

Race in a grand adventure with a wild embrace

I am the blood that flows through your roots

From the begining of death to the begining of life

So rooted so free

Infinite quest of fusioned spiritual bliss

So sensual a Godess with beauty and grace

Rebirth deserves divine Intervention

Wake up smell us

 breath us

Gods gift to us

I the rooted tree

Always here

Forever will be

Sensual light creature

The End

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