Lost thoughts

I gave the keyboard up to my hands and let my mind run.

The back of your mind is so full of old memories and ideas, but it doesn't overflow.

Your memories never really disappear, they just come back to you at unexpected moments.
But that's okay.
You don't have many memories that disturb or distress you.
You are just distressed by the present, by the future - or what you think the future will be.
Maybe you bring it all on yourself.
But you don't have to take everything you don't want to hear too negatively...maybe, in the end, you will find peace in yourself and learn to cope with the things that make you feel unhappy.
Your ideas never really disappear, but there is perhaps a space in your mind so far back that, once an idea ends up there, it can never be reached again.
And that's okay.
You can think of something else, probably better than the one you remember you had - like the idea for a story you thought out during a long car journey a few years ago but didn't write it down.
All you have left of it now is a small, blurry image of a man in a top hat and something obstructing his face.
The forgotten plot might not have had anything to do with that in the slightest, but that's all you are left with nonetheless.

Forget about what you have forgotten.
Take life as it comes.
This is hedonism!
This is realism!
Now...try to enjoy it.

The End

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