John RuffinMature

A member of the Brothers of the Zodiac, embodying the traits of Gemini.

He originally was a member of the court of Francis I of France, then a soldier in the French Army when they attacked the Holy Roman Empire.  He was killed in during one of the battles against the Hessians.  

After his death, he was summoned by the Lady Ishtar to return to Earth and help people.  He's since used his communication abilities to speak and write persuasively under many pen names.  He was a journeyman, a scientist, a story teller, an actor.  

As the story I'm writing opens, he is a reporter for the Richmond Daily Register (a real paper).  He writes for the society pages, and will also write hard news if required.  He prefers fiction and opinion, and will often fabricate stories and quotes to make people look bad or good.  He claims to have an excellent memory.

The story that I'm writing (at the moment) has him just at the beginning of the war.  Washington DC has fallen (so the reports say) and the South are streaming over the border.  Washington hasn't fallen; the South won the first battle of Bull Run and gave the North a serious bloody nose.

More to come as he writes.  It's hard to write in the 19th century tone.  I can't use "OK" or a lot of other idioms.  I need to read more letters and newspapers of the time.  Luckily the Richmond Daily Register is online.

The End

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