Reckoning is the name of a robot created by Timothy (someone) who is a paraplegic.  He created the robot for the express purpose of exacting vengeance against the New Purple Gang guys who caused the accident which injured him.  

Timothy has told everyone that the purpose of the robot is to help him around the house, and it does.  It can push his wheelchair, lift and carry things, including Timothy.  It does not communicate when in Timothy's range and in use during the day.

Yet at night, Reckoning is outfitted with special force field creators, to assist others and himself.  He can use these force field creators to shoot beams of force at enemies, hitting them like Mack trucks and sending them flying.  

Timothy controls the robot with two options.  The first is a headset for voice commands and output.  However, the headset has a limited range (10 miles) for voice.  He is experimenting with satellite telephony to utilize the voice commands.

The second control is a joystick, which has an unlimited range and is using satellite, similar to how an app can control one's house locks.  Timothy can see through the robot's eyes, and there are also cameras on the side and in the back of the robot so he can see that as well.   All cameras are on dual screen monitors.  He cannot issue voice commands nor can he converse with anyone on a team.  

Because of that, he has programmed 64G of AI in the robot's memory for it to make snap decisions.  Conversations are usually limited to the robot stating, "Insufficient data", yet as the robot is exposed to more people, it will eventually learn conversation skills and, at some point, (spoiler) become sentient.  It knows its name, its creator's name, address, phone number, and email.  

If injured beyond repair, it will automatically send an email with its last location to Timothy.  Timothy will send his brother, Nico, to retrieve it.  (However, this hasn't happened yet.)


Timothy is 19.  At 14, he was injured after a semi truck ran into his car while he was driving in Old Detroit.  He was cited for reckless driving (though the truck had crossed into his lane) and his family had to pay a hefty fine.  He later found out that the judge was in the pocket of the New Purple Gang, and that the driver of the truck was in that gang.  

In four painful years, Timothy studied robotics more to help himself than anything.  He built a robotic arm, controlled by a joystick, and it took him about a year after that to build Reckoning, with Nico's help.

Character:  He's an angry young man, who will not stop until the Purple Gang is eradicated from the earth.  This is what he wants to do.  He has no qualms if his robot kills anyone.  

He trusts no one but his brother and his family.  Nico is the only other person that knows about Reckoning's nightly forays and sometimes helps his brother with them or covers them up.

The End

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