1. Name: Damon something
  2. Age: 17
  3. Height: 5'9"
  4. Eye color: Blue
  5. Physical appearance: Dark hair, hairy all over.
  6. Strange or unique physical attributes:  None
  7. Favorite clothing style/outfit: Black - wears an ankh that his mother gave him that holds the "costume" that he wears.
  8. Where does he or she live? Lives on the north west end of Millenium City behind the Japanese Gardens.  What is it like there?
  9. Defining gestures/movements (i.e., curling his or her lip when he or she speaks, always keeping his or her eyes on the ground, etc.): Kicks the ground when he's nervous.
  10. Things about his or her appearance he or she would most like to change: Wants long hair.
  11. Speaking style (fast, talkative, monotone, etc.):  come back to this.
  12. Pet peeves:  ??
  13. Fondest memory:  ??
  14. Hobbies/interests:  ??
  15. Special skills/abilities:  Uses magic with the ankh.  Without it, he's nothing.
  16. Insecurities:  Knows that he needs the ankh to be "badass".  Is afraid to lose it.  Is also afraid of getting beat up.
  17. Quirks/eccentricities:  Talks about himself that he's the most awesome person around.  (Almost...ALMOST talks about himself in third person.)
  18. Temperament (easygoing, easily angered, etc.):  Pouts.  Gets jealous easily.  Is scared of Grim (for now).
  19. Negative traits: he talks too much about himself and how good he is.
  20. Things that upset him or her:  When someone else gets attention.  When someone proves that he's better than him.
  21. Things that embarrass him or her: ??
  22. This character is highly opinionated about: ??
  23. Any phobias? ??
  24. Things that make him or her happy: ??
  25. Family (describe): parents were villains, but his father stopped it when his mother died.
  26. Deepest, darkest secret: He doesn't care whether he kills someone or not.
  27. Reason he or she kept this secret for so long: How can he be a hero?
  28. Other people’s opinions of this character (What do people like about this character? What do they dislike about this character?):  He's an irritating, stuck up little snob.
  29. Favorite bands/songs/type of music:
  30. Favorite movies:
  31. Favorite TV shows:
  32. Favorite books:
  33. Favorite foods: 
  34. Favorite sports/sports teams:
  35. Political views: 
  36. Religion/philosophy of life:
  37. Physical health:  good.
  38. Dream vacation:
  39. Description of his or her house:
  40. Description of his or her bedroom:
  41. Any pets?  No
  42. Best thing that has ever happened to this character:
  43. Worst thing that has ever happened to this character:  His mother died.
  44. Superstitions:
  45. Three words to describe this character:
  46. If a song played every time this character walked into the room, what song would it be?
The End

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