When a character speaks, it's best to listen. Talk to it and ask it what it wants, ask it questions and listen to its own voice.

Character questionnaires, dictations in their own voice, and other explorations of assorted characters in game, story, and beyond.

Let's get mystical.

You write.  Where does it come from?

Maybe it comes from a muse, who whispers in your ear and you write or type as fast as she (or he) can talk, and you don't remember what you did until you seemingly come out of a trance, look back on what you did and say, "I did that?"

Maybe it comes from a picture, imagining yourself there.  What would happen if?  And then what?  And then what?

Maybe it comes from another story, saying, "I can do better than that," and you rewrite it in your own words, with your own twists, and it becomes not only an homage but your story.

Maybe it comes from history, literature, music, the arts, your environment, your imagination.

In my  humble opinion, your story comes from characters.

Voices in your head.  This person wants to be heard.  This person wants to play.  This person wants to go on stage.  This person wants to talk through you.

Have you ever talked to your characters?

You won't be diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.  It won't make you crazy.  It may make you slip reality for a minute or two - but doesn't good writing do that, when you're in "The Zone"?  Consider it a writer's meditation.

So come, listen to my characters and their story, their words.  

The End

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