Take Your Bow


I feel like the walls are caving in

Like I'm fighting a war I cannot win

And it's like you don't even care

That I've taken all that I can bare

And I know that I am right

And I'm trying with all my might

Just to prove this all to you

Since it's the only thing to do

Verse 1:

But confusion still crosses my mind

'Cause of the guilt you hope I find

But what am I supposed to say

Without letting you get your way


Verse 2:

And I don't see how you can think

That all your luck won't just sink

And no one's giving in right now

So go on and take your final bow


Verse 3:

And you must think you're something nice

And just make excuses like that would suffice

But I see beyond your darkened mask

Even though all I have to do is ask

But once I ask, you will not show

That you agree you are that low

And if I tell you again and again

To continue you'd think would be a sin


The End

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