Take Me Away

Please do not take anything written as "serious," "joking," or anything of the sort. This piece was formed by my hands sweeping across the keys, delicately pressing each one to create words. All that exists here is simply what came out - little thought went into its creation, and I apologize if it makes no sense.

Feel free to comment on it just the same!

Take me away

Take me somewhere far away from here

To a place where there are no rules

And words are naught but a whisper of expression

Let actions speak, and let letters be lost.


As a writer, one of the hardest things to do is to write. Yes, words can come easy. And yes, ideas can flow from ones hands into whatever medium of expression. But the art of writing is challenging. Words must be formed into sentences, and sentences become paragraphs. Yet that alone is never enough. For a piece to truly carry itself, there must be substance. It could be completely nonsensical (as I feel that this is), and it could follow a highly structured pattern. Like any other form of art - music, painting, sculptures - it takes time to develop skills, and even more time to really develop a style. It takes time to become an artist.

The End

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