Take Hold of Your Life

Musings on life.


It's not something to which you can cling, like a baby clings to it's mother. You cannot hold it captive like you could a butterfly, or grasshopper. Life pushes you away constantly, fights you, ducks and weaves and escapes from you until your last breath, when you finally breathe in everything life offers and let go of everything you had.

Nothing exists properly in life. Your material possessions have no meaning to the world outside of the sphere you create. You are disjointed, an unfixable point in the universe, chasing life so fast and so far you don't realise that if you stopped and stared, really stared, for one moment, you would see life around you, not ahead of you.

Stop chasing your life, always looking for another thing that would make it meaningful. Instead, take a moment to consider what you wish life could entail. Then seize that dream with both hands, and force life to take that direction.

How else can you live life to the full that you desire?

The End

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