Taboo usually refers to a word.
A word that people wouldn't dare speak,
Let alone whisper.
There is a fear of these words,
They anticipate bad luck or misfortune
The syllables that form that word
Are forbidden to be spoken side by side.
Sometimes even a whole phrase,
Is removed from common conversation
Because it is deemed "taboo"
you and me, we have a taboo.
Its an unspoken settlement between us both
To not say a certain phrase
This phrase is something
We both know to be true
However we also know how dangerous
The truth can be.
The truth is we both count down days
Until we can see one another again
And in the days apart we don't feel
Completely happy
We both drown in other things
To try to forget about this taboo
But the taboo is always there no matter
What we say, or do
Not to say we don't enjoy ourselves
Without the other
It's just when something great happens
The first person to tell is you
And when our day is awful
Or the skies don't seem so bright
We want to be together to mend the pain.
You see every second we both feel
These immense capacities of emotion
And in every single moment we are away
Our hearts tear a little more
We both ache to just sense
See a smile, hear a laugh, or feel a hand
We need these comforts viciously
All want is for a fix of some sort
We can't always drown in other events
Or activities or meetings or work
To try and heal ourselves.
It can't hide the taboo lodged in our heads
We desperately want to hear it
Spoken from the others mouth
To have a sense of affirmation
To know that even though we are alone
We both have each other in our minds
Always thinking about the other
Hearing that taboo would mean
The world to us
Yet if dare we speak it,
It could be the end of the world to us
Ignoring it helps us remain sane
Thinking about it too much will
Only cause us more pain
Hearing it would break us down
The reality would expose our fairytale
Into some silly, messed up dream
This taboo, once spoken,
Will tear us apart
If we admit to the taboo we will know
That you and me just maybe can't work
If we admit to our weakness we
Become vulnerable
The truth is guilty of this
Yet the innocent are the honest
No matter what,
No matter what,
Do not speak the taboo.
The fear is why we will never say the taboo.
We fear the other won't feel the same
we fear of appearing weak,
When you break and become
The first one to say
"I miss you."


The End

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