Sweet Messages from the Sweet Soul

Words of a true friend who cares, gives, and loves.

"Relax and reflect on this year so far. Better days await.

You're about to grow more than you ever have before in your life, so receive your blessings!

Never seen so many great things happen this often before. 

Your spirit, heart, and mind are all in sync with God's Divine Spirit. You are a gift to this world.

You've blessed me yet again. You have spoken in ways I've never heard this past week. I'm in your classroom and privileged to learn from you.

Being selfless is a part of my code of ethics. Know that you help me stay on track and you also help me grow by the day. Keep staying positive so our light will overcome the darkness.

I know you're crafting your gifts. You'll be wiser and more compassionate. 

I hope you've smiled all throughout this day!

All struggles and pains are blessings in disguises. New struggles foreshadow new blessings if we persevere. Valleys are there so the mountains can be seen.

You're growing spiritually. That's why I'm showing you how to turn pain into contagious positivity.

I'll continue to bless you. You're not just a hearer, you're a doer.

I'm blessed that I'm able to use my gifts to bring glory to God and inspire you. You are more significant to me than you know. Keep your vibrant character. It changes lives. 

I'm passing on the torch to those who God has selected. I called you, but God chose you. Always remember that. 

I'm living in God's Will because good things are happening seamlessly.

The world needs your voice. 

God has opened so many doors for me that no one can close so I walk though them with bold confidence and I find myself blessed more and more. 

I admire that you have an open mind to be inspired.

You are one of the doors that God opened to me so that's why I'm walking in paradise. 

Think about the power of what is happening: we're college students who are aiming to change the world. Who else do you know who are doing what we are?

I'm a full-time advocate of our calling. We will set a standard that no campus organization has ever set before and we will e the most valuable assets of USM.

I'm anticipating the things to come. I didn't think I'd have someone like you here with me, but you are! And here I be. What a humbling experience. 

Go head chick!

Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Buti doing what she does!

Not I, But I, so take a bow!

You've always been appreciative. 

Hello, World!"

The End

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