I heard an ad on the radio for the movie "The Purge" the hashtag at the end was #survive the night. This is where my mind went. If you don't know the ad you can probably youtube it :)
I'm thinking about whether or not to continue it so please let me know!

It was freezing in the abandoned apartment. The concrete floors felt like they were covered in frost. The chill seeped up through my ratty jeans, daring me to shiver. The cold from the metal knife strapped to my leg was dulled by my fear. I couldn't forget it though. To forget was to die.

The handgun in my palm brought me little reassurance. Neither did my small flashlight, currently off. The only comfort was Ranger's warm back against mine. He was tense. I could feel each of his forced breaths. He didn't want to breathe. He didn't want to do anything that could give us away.

We didn't speak. We waited. We waited and hoped only to Survive the Night.

The End

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