Shadow Destroyers

Shadow Destroyers Of The White System
The White System is a solar sytem of glacial planets, and the Shadow Destroyers likve on all of them. It is a glacial planet, with a wide variety of mountain ranges. It is constantly snowing there.

They are colossal, ice horses, elegant to the eye, but they are fierce predators.
They can withstand a very low temperature, and has the power to breathe ice and freeze things instantly. They can shoot razor charp ice daggers out at anyone should they be prevoked, and if you really annoy them, they will charge at you.
It would be deadly if they charged at you because they have a horn, of pure sharp ice on the head, it can penetrate even the thickest of metal, and their heads are really hard too, they could headbutt a wall and most likley the wall would just smash.
They also have other spikes on the legs and chest, killing anyone that gets in their way, they feed on the meat of whatever carcass they find, but they have an inscintive feature where they can eat snow to survive.
They are violent and territorial creatures. Tend to get over protective of their young, you couldnt go within 100ft of one of their young without one instantly stabbing you in the back. They can be killed quite easily, but if they are in really cold temperatures, their wounds freeze up, completly restoring the creature so it is ready to fight again.

The End

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