Onyx Devourers

Onyx Devourers Of Mizar Delta
Mizar Delta was once an mineral rich area, until the Onyx Devourers ate all the minerals. The population on Mizar Delta mined onyx, but since the Onyx Devourers showed up they have been eating them all, which made the planet go poor, eventually completly wiping out the human race on that one particular planet.
They now stalk the galaxy in search of minerals such as Onyx, and Earth has their attention. They have found a site, rich with onyx, underneathe a city in America.

The enormous race of primates. They have four manipulatory limbs.
Two of their arms have posionous blades on them, the other two are for domestic use, The posion on their arms is very powerful, if they stab someone, the posion goes through their bloodstream and stops the heart from beating in less than 10 seconds. They are predatorial creatures.
They mainly feed on Onyx, their planet has just run out and they are going into extinction. They have focused on Earth to reproduce their species, as they lay eggs, so should such an onslaught occur, should one survive it could rebirth the entire species. So long as they have enough onyx. They have pale blue eyes, and nightmare black skin, they are like gorillas just without the fur, they have twice the strength needed to break rocks.
They are not a violent species, but they need to survive so should anyone on earth get in their way of trying to survive they will respond with deadly force.

The End

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