Cerebal Serpants

Cerebral Serpents Of Delta Scorpii Eight
Delta Scorpii Eight is a barren landscape, full of active volcanos and lava streams, it used to be such a peaceful and tranquil land, until these creatues showed up. They made volcanos emerge, and activated already emerged volcanos.
They are a snake type race, they move on one limb, thats like a tentacle and at the end of that it splits into three, the middle one goes over its back, so its longer than the body, like a stinger. The other two are just to help it stand up and keep balance.
They can withstand incredibly high temperatures, and breathe fire, they can also activate dormant volcanos, and make volcanos their selves, but it takes alot of them as sacrifice, so they die doing so. They can swim in lava, so when they summon volcanos they could survive the apocalypse they summon.
They are a fire-based race. They have a radar-like senses, they can smell any other race/species besides their own easily, they are natural predators and kill and eat nearly everything.
They are a violent, war mongering race. They have their attention on Earth so they could expand their empire.

The End

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