Other Name: AutoSmash
Age: 30 Weeks
Occupation: Droid Sentry
Appearance: Black armour, titanium, 5 inches think. Incredibly tall and can transfrom into many different vehicles except planes. Built in hand gattleing cannons, and concealed shoulder rockets, that fold out when in use. It is about 10-15 ft tall and wieghs about 100 tonnes.
Relations: N/A
Personality: Recent malfunction by Necro-Assassin to kill Shift has caused him to kill innocents near the town of New Jersey
Power: N/A
Weakness: Unknown
Past: A military project which was invented to protect New Jersey from Shift when he was in his ultra powerful stage. When Shift was defeated the droids were shut down and were no longer being manufactured. Very recently they have been stripped down into scrap, only few remain. This one was sabotaged by Terrence Flatley because he knew that Shift would drive through in a hope to get Shift killed.

The End

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