Necro Assassin

Name: Terrence Flatley
Other Name: Necro Assassin
Age: 45
Occupation: Undertaker
Appearance: Always wearing dark coats, deathly black eyes. and long midnight hair.
Personality: Hasnt got any friends, talks to the dead
Power: He can bring the dead to life, and he can hide in the shadows. When it is night time, he is invulnerable completly. He can also jump really high and run incredibly fast.
Weakness: Direct sunlight
Past: At the age of 20 Terrence became an undertaker, and when he wasnt busy, which was most of the time, he would experiment with different substances and materials he could find around the graveyard. He ended up making something that went incredibly wrong and he had died, but the contents of the concauction he was making had turned into a gas, finding its way into his system making him come back from the grave as Necro Assassin

The End

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