Emery Walker

Name: Emery Walker
Other Name: Emport
Age: N/A
Occupation: government party member
Relations: Brother to Phase
Appearance: Dark skinned, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, his legs are weak because of and accident that occured when he used his ability.
Personality: Doesn't care about good or bad but is riddled with anger against Phase.
Power: Can create empathy links with people and places to travel to them or with them. Also able to travel through dimensions by focusing on power gained through empathy.
Weakness: Links that are not regularly upkept can break, death whilst empathically linked to someone can cause the other to suffer great pain or even die.
Past: After Phase came to this Dimension, Emery tried to teleport to him (unaware of this) and went through the phase dimension which began deteriorating his body and lost him some use of his legs. He blames Phase for this.

The End

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