Obsidian Thought

Name: Damien Powell
Other Name: Obsidian Thought
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Demolitionist
Appearance: This man makes you think of an unavoidable bloodhound. He has hooded brown eyes. His luxurious, straight, gold hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a complex device. He's got a moustache. He has an overmuscled build. His skin is light-colored. He has delicate ears.
Relations: N/A
Personality: Silent, doesnt care about anyone.
Power: Major level Psychic, can pick up full skyscrapers or grabs chunks from skyscrapers. Also can read minds freely, by just looking at someone and concentrting, but it doesnt look like he is concentrating which makes him very good at what he does. He can also fire psionic projectiles from his hands, the longer they are charged the more damage they can do.
Weakness: Takes alot of energy
Past: Powers developed as a child, mastered as a teenager. His mind reading abilites made him a very good psychotherapist but he prefered to be in the demolition business.

The End

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