Name: Jennifer Lincoln
Other Name: Glider
Age: 29
Occupation: Theives Guild
Appearance: Long black hair, is very short and skinny. About 5ft 3. Eyes are crystal clear pools of blue.
Relations: Shifts sister
Personality: A calm person, annoyed about being one of very few girls in the theives guild.
Power: Controls wind currents, can create tornados from wind, has a pushing abilty through wind currents too. She glides by pushing herself upwards with the wind
Weakness: Electricity stops her powers
Past: Her powers developed when she was 12, she first found out about her powers when she tried to stop someone, she help out her hand, as to say 'stop!' but as she did that a huge gust of wind came out of her hand, but because she was so young she couldnt control it or concentrate it. She was practising until she got to the age of 17 at that point she could control her powers. The only people who know about her powers are Shift and the theives guild of Iowa state.

The End

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