Name: N/A
Other Name: Bandit
Age: 28
Occupation: Worked for the mafia but defected to Swarms group.
Relations: N/A
Appearance: Short dark brown hair and a heavily scarred face with hazel eyes.
Personality: can be cowardly, bit of a backstabber prone to work for whoever is mos powerful.
Power:  Can bend light around him turning him invisible, has an energy displacement power which scrambles his energy to make him undetectable and rejects psychic powers plus he can create powerful concentrated point of energy in the shape of daggers which are unblockable (unless you are immune to powers)
Weakness: a little cowardly.
Past: Worked for the mafia but failed in a mission for his boss and was going to be killed but Swarms men saved him, he now owes them his life.

The End

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