Name: N/A
Other Name: Syphon
Age: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Appearance: Always changing, his appearance depends on how much power he has in himself, his younger self has auburn hair and green eyes, tall and thin.
Relations: Succubus' father (mother is the Angel of Death) Husband of Aura.
Personality: Has little care since he has lived so long.
Power:  he can absorb and give energy though he doesn't take their abilities, if he has lots of stored energy he will look young, if he has little stored energy he will look old.
Weakness: Has no way of defending himself other than taking peoples powers but he must touch them
Past: Gave Phase his powers back, took some power from Matt to make it more controllable and started to enhance Toms powers. Very long history that is unknown.

The End

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