Name: Archie Fairhurst
Other Name: Pheonix
Age: 23
Occupation: Thieves Guild member in Pheonix
Appearance: His hair is many bright colours like pheonix feathers and he has bird like eyes. He is about 5ft 9 and is a scrawny man.
Relations: N/A
Personality: He was a scientist who was abit of an eccentric about pheonix's, although the pheonix was a myth
Power: He has the powers of a pheonix, he can turn into a pheonix, he is completly immune to fire, and when he dies he get consumed in flames, and then revives shortly afterwards
Weakness: He is in ash form for quite a while before revival, and can be captured quite easily before he is revived. Water delays revive, and disables powers until he is dry again.
Past: He was a big fan of chinese mythology, and was quite interested into the pheonix's abilities, and decided he would try to find a way to create a pheonix, but it back-fired, turning him into pheonix, a superhuman who can turn into a pheonix and is immune to fire and can be revived from the ashes.

The End

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