Rob Walker

Name: Rob Walker
Other Name: Phase
Age: 22
Occupation: Thieves guild.
Appearance: Tall, blonde hair that crackles like static.
Relations: N/A
Personality: Cold and calculated.
Power: Can enter the phase dimension which can potentially allow travel between parallel worlds, time goes slower and is not defined by the laws of physics.
Weakness: N/A
Past: Was not born in this Earth rather an alternate one were everyone got powers in the year 2012. He was a bounty hunter who used to hear stories of the legendary child which inspired him to do good. He fell in love with the legendary child after meeting her but her love triangle affected him and he gave his life to protect her. After meeting her his powers began to get uncontrollably strong, he unleashed all of his telekinetic energy, losing that power and should have died but his phase power to protect him sent him to this Earth. Siphon found him and jumpstarted his Phase powers again whilst Aura healed him however, since he did not belong to this world their powers affected his personality and he became colder, however his old personality still exist and resurfaces from time to time causing him to react differently to some situations.

The End

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