Name: N/A
Other Name: Chaos
Age: N/A
Occupation: mental asylum
Relations: N/A
Appearance: long dark greasy hair, gaunt pale face with dead-like eyes and unshaven.
Personality: Split personality: sadistic psychotic maniac against paranoid schizophrenic.
Power: telepathy, cause peoples brains to "overload" and cause insanity.
Weakness: I suppose being insane can be a drawback
Past: Developed power at the age of four and "heard secrets and voices" his parents were mentally abusive towards him and his dad began beating him when he told of his secrets. The voices caused him to become paranoid. In school he became pyschopathic due to abuse committing small crimes with no remorse or care of consequences. Eventually his mind became so twisted that his powers became twisted too allowing him to inflict telepathic power on people overloading their brains. Also he developed the ability to make others become insane until he was captured and sent to an insane asylum were he was transferred to a government facility allowing his paranoid schizophrenia to develop more.

The End

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