Name: Victor Pain
Other Name: Swarm
Age: 30
Occupation: Was Scientist now seeks twisted with revenge.
Appearance: Tall, black hair and grey eyes with creepy high voice and likes to wear a cape.
Personality: Vengeful and violent as well as sadistic but clever, perceptive and cunning.
Power:  Can cause unbearable pain that can put the body in shock and eventually cause death, doesn't have to touch them
Weakness: Easily distracted
Past: Was captured by the Government Facility but never had his memory erased making him wanted by most people, was a scientist but his theories especially on Superhuman Theories were widely discredited causing him to want revenge. He also wants revenge on the government facility. Came from a rich foster family who mentally tortured him and disowned him after finding out about his powers, he tortured them before finally killing them.

The End

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