Matt Tempest

Name: Matt Tempest
Other Name: Nova
Age: 26
Occupation: Police Officer and Vigilante
Appearance: Tall; Black Hair; Blue Eyes become purple when using powers.
Relations: Brother to Tom; Relationship With Vixen.
Personality: Reckless, impulsive bachelor; caring man who has a strong sense of justice; can be violent.
Power: Can convert and manipulate potential energy.
Weakness: Using powers takes a lot of energy.
Past: Father was a violent man, mother distant. Ran away and was taken in by Illusionist, Government found them and Shade sent to capture, Shade couldn't do it so defended him, Government caught them, woke up in their new home, caught Swarm trying to break into a Army encampment to destroy Science buildings, became obsessed with finding Swarm to find out more about what happened, Swarm set a trap which almost killed him.

The End

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