James Sumner

Name: James Sumner
Other Name:
Age: 14
Occupation: Schoolkid
Appearance: Short blond hair with blue eyes. Average build for a kid his age and has a scar across his arm from when his previous dad got mad when drunk and tried to kill him.
Relations: Adopted son of Shift
Personality: Friendly lad, but has trust issues with people he doesnt know. He doesnt like people that are older than him much either. But if he makes friends with someone, you have never seen so much loyalty.
Power: Complete mastery of Electricity
Weakness: His age
Past: His mother died giving birth to him and his father was a drinker before and after his mums death. After his mums death though his dad became worse; he attempted to kill James, which later got him put into jail. James was adopted by Jen, but Shift has taken over parental duties because of Jens death.

The End

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