Superhero Inabilities

Having superhero abilities is the dream. Honestly, everyone wishes they had one, even if they feel silly saying outloud. People wish to be more than they are, to do more than they are currently capable of doing, and feel more important than they think they really are. People want other people to feel important, but they are so busy trying to get recognized for their own importance that they never have time to recognize anyone elses, and therefore no one ever get's the attention they so desperately seek.

Some people will never have superhero abilities. People like me. People who sit and stare at the sky and know that they will never be able to launch themselves at turbo speeds into the great blue beyond. And we are okay with that. We understand and recognize that we are human, and we deal with it.

But then there are those who realize we will always lack superhero abilities, but take it one step further. We learn to embrace our Superhero Inabilities. For example, our superhero inability to ever get over someone we love. Or be the person we want to be. Or achieve our most secret and important wishes and dreams. We realize that we are incapable, that we have disablities to be bigger people than we are, and we learn to live like that, day after day, failing ourselves nearly constantly, but somehow managing to look past ourselves and focus on helping other's reach their full potential. Instead of treating ourselves like the pathetic people we are, we reach out to those who want to be recognized for more than what they really are, and by doing that, manage to keep the circle of life rotating round and round forever.

The End

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