This is the start of lyrics to my song 'Sunshine'. I have yet to write a bridge and final key change at the end otherwise this is the bulk of it! It won't sound very good without the melody but I plan to record it and post a video on youtube of it. It also looks like there is no chorus but the "you are my sunlight" lines last a while... depending on how much breathe I have! :P

You are my handsome prince,

Just without the noble steed,

You are the one I love,

You are the one a need,

You're the one I wanna see before I fall to sleep at night,

You are my dreamworld,

You are my sunlight! You are my sunlight!

Snuggling with you

Is the best feeling I could ask for,

I love you in a way

I have never felt before,

It's so great that I think my heart just might

explode from my chest

'cause you are my sunlight! You are my sunlight!

That month we were apart

Felt like it would never end,

In the future I

Never want it to happen again,

We belong together,

In your arms life feels right,

You are my one true love,

You are my sunlight! You are my sunlight!

The End

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