Sudden Change

'I have found myself standing in the rain, drowning, in my own pain. There was always that one thing to do, and that is to shout into the silence to. Because when you want someone to listen you know who.'

I can hear the rain when it hits the roof, and the lightning when it strikes. I can see it, as it lights up the whole sky. I open up my door. I can feel the anger of the thunder as it roars.

My eyes captivated by the beauty of light that fills the sky. I walk off my porch. The cool rain drops pelt my skin. Dripping wet. In an instant I drop to my knees. As the rain continues to poor, and the lightning continues to strike. Not afraid, not cold just broken like a melody from a old piano.

I'd look up to the black clouds that covered the sky. Every bit of remorse, guilt or regret seemed to deepen like the water puddles covering the damp ground. And tears would flow down my cheeks just as fast as the rain came down.

I seemed to find myself hollering, "Why?? What did I ever do?! Why make the pain worse and never better?!"

Yet somehow an answer was to much as the silence continued. I'd always ask myself the same question over and over again. The thunder grew louder as if I angered it.

"Give me a sign, give me something," I closed my eyes, after a minute, what felt like coldness to my skin turned to a warmth in my heart. It felt good. Like the sun, it was relaxing.

A smile approached my lips. I opened my eyes, the black clouds had faded to grey. The rain was settled, and the sun started to peak out. I could see life in the image of its bright rays as I stood to my feet.

I didn't have an answer, no, but instead I had LIFE. "My past will carry with me through memory but the future is hardly written. I cant change the heartbreak I have endured but instead look forward for a better life. Thank you."

In response, A dove flew over head and I knew he was listening and I walked away.

The End

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