Subject to be Found

What am I searching for?

I would not be able to say,

All I can think about is walking through that door,

And never looking the other way.


What am I hoping to find

In the dreadful day ahead,

Through the crowds of shadows that blind

My path, not helping me instead?


How do I manage to find what I need

When all I see are lies,

That cover the things that make me bleed,

The things that bring out my cries?


And why haven't I forgotten

Where the truth used to be,

Before all of this had become rotten,

Before when I was only me?


Where is the hand that will lead me to trust,

The one that shone brightest above all,

Where is the thing that can save me from this lust,

That threatens me to fall?


When will I be saved from the ones,

Who promise nothing but pain,

The people who sire sons

That will one day leave this heart, slain?


Will the place that I stand on always be dark,

Will the shadows always, my back, haunt,

Will the knowledge of what has happened leave everything stark,

Will I forever be the subject, the thing for them to taunt?

The End

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