a frriend ship

THUD! Ivy fell face down in the mud covered ground. Clinging to her hair, mud that had sputerered over her, blotched her lips and cheeks- like a dripping pen over a fresh white page. Dancing with swirls, visious blood streamed from a lightning-bolt slash across her eye, clutched by her trembling hand.

" told you that i would win your game!" snorted Austin, lunging for another blow at Ivy's eye.

" So what!? by practically killing me, what have you really achieved?!" growled Ivy, fists clenched, teeth bared, though a single tear oozed from her tightly shut eyes.

"I only wanted one good friend, but if you think that this is all a game, then i guess i was wrong- i guess i was wrong in thinking that you could be that person..." added Ivy, turning away to hide the streaming tears. She pushed passed Austin, eventually braking into a run. Austin hesitated, then bolted after her.

"Ivy- Ivy wait! i am sorry!" he called, a few paces behind her.

"Yeah right, one minint you want to tear me apart, the next you want to apoligize, well, hate to brake it to ya, but its not gonna happen!" Ivy snarled, wanting more than anything to be away from him. Then she bolted again. then he grabbed for her hand, and she stopped in her tracks...

The End

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