Stream of Consciousness: Thoughts of a nervous groom just before saying “I do”.

He stares at the crimpled paper in the lobby of the church. "555-4697." William says under his breath.

"Hello, darling." The black haired women said, wearing a beautiful white gown.

This startled William. He quickly turns around, clenching on the little paper tight in his hand.

"Sweetie, what are you doing here?"

"William, I just wanted to apologize for last night. I know what I’ve said was terribly, terribly wrong and heartless. I didn’t mean to say those things." Edie walks closer to him, hugging him.

"I know that you had all night to think of our situation, you know, getting married?" She said cautiously.

"Yes I did." William replies. "You know that I love you, and we have our differences."

"I know. But will this effect today’s occurrences?" She said wearily.

"No, no. Go and get ready. I know you have some last minute touch-ups" William jokes.

Edie laughs, hugs William than leaves the lobby. William looks at the paper once again.

"Call Laudie, Miss Claudie, 555-4697." He says in quietly. "Cute name."

William then thinks of his wife than the lady he met last night at the "Surplus Inn".

"I’m with one woman for the rest of my life, should I hold onto this number if I get fed up?" He thinks. "One woman, one woman out of many."

William looks at the time, realizing that he is going to get married in a matter of minutes. "If my love is absolute, than I shall toss this little piece of paper and never see it again. Never think of another woman again!" William says abruptly .

He tosses the little crimpled paper into the garbage in the church lobby and sighs.

"Hey Bill, time to get ready." One of the groomsmen announced, leaving the lobby to give William privacy, which he seems to be having his last breath. William stands up straight, fixes his bright red tie, walking out of the lobby until he takes that last look at the garbage. Pacing over to the trash to grab the number, tucks it into his pocket and leaves the room.

The End

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