Free Fall (short dream)

I go into a small convenience store to buy a fountain drink.  The building that the store is in turns out to be an airplane, and it takes off while I’m still inside.  There’s something important that I don’t want to miss happening soon, so I decide to take a chance and jump.  I’m up in the clouds, higher than I thought, and for just a moment I lean back into the fall and think, if this is it, this is it.  When I can see the ground, I notice that there are several bodies of water below me, and I try to steer myself towards one of them so I have a chance to survive.  I have time to look around for one that’s big enough to hit.  There’s a river, which seems like a good prospect, but I’m wary of the hazards of undertow and pollution.  I can feel the resistance of the air as I fall.  The landscape doesn’t look realistic.  Instead of the real world’s muted shades, the water is distinctly blue and the land is very green.  When I get closer to the ground, I pick a small lake as the best option.  As I land, I’m falling much more slowly than I was, and I stumble into the lake with barely a splash.  I’m surprised to find that the lake is made of Legos (the sides and bottom, not the water).  A man and his kids are playing there, and they’ve made a few other Lego sculptures, including a large white sailboat or swan.  They’re amazed that a man has fallen out of the sky into their pool, and I’m amazed to have had such an easy landing and still be alive.   I can almost see the hazy glow of the occasion in the air around us.  Word will spread quickly and be reported in the news. 

The End

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