The University's Secret

This one I had pretty recently, like a week ago.  And I've got to say, it's one of the most coherent dreams I've ever had.  Not to say it isn't strange; it certainly is.

It started at some kind of University. I think it was UVA, but I've never been there in real life.  I was in a tour group of sorts in a courtyard on campus strongly resembling the the one at my own university.  We were apparently there to participate in some kind of girls' camp-- right, more like exercise camp.  We were instructed by a burly middle-aged man in a workout suit to do various ridiculous-looking movements, and it all took place in a bizzarre multi-tiered stadium.

When that was over, I met this charming fellow with some sort of UK accent and we ended up speaking to each other for a while. He told me of the various goings on at the university, and I asked him about a huge line that had formed outside of a spooky-looking old building. He explained that people go there at night (how it turned into night, I'm not sure) to check out the spooky skeletons of an old amusement park.  I got a picture of the place in my head, all covered in cobwebs.

He implied that people weren't really supposed to go in the building at all, but since so many college kids tried, there was even a chaperone of sorts standing at the entrance. I decided (I guess later on) that I'd go during the day. The guy was still with me and objected, saying that people only go in under protection of night, whatever that means. During the day, the old shed thing was mostly empty, though still cobwebby. I wondered where all the creepy carnival-esque stuff had gone.

I only saw some sort of hook thing hanging down at one end of the room, so I walked toward it. Turns out it was some kind of booby trap, and it nearly impaled me, but I think the young man might've saved me. He was really upset that I'd gone in. Not long after the booby trap went off, a mysterious horsewoman galloped into the shed and nearly clipped me. The young man said the shed held her secrets during the day. Then I met some other lady who was using an old sewing machine in the building.  I think it turns out there was something along the lines of a family of vampires hiding in there, but yeah, that's all I got.

The End

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