The Poison Paint

This is a weird dream I had when I was younger and is told to the best of my recollection. If you spot any mistakes with any of my writing conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc.) or spot any phrases that could be worded better, please comment below.

From what I can remember of my dream, It started off in a big house that had light colored walls and furniture and which kind of reminded me of a hotel room. The ceilings were high, and there were lots of windows, but it was still a pretty modern house. There was a lady that lived in the house, and she was in her late 30's (by my judgement of age) with slightly-longer-than-chin-length dirty blonde hair. For some reason I was her slave or something like that; if she told me to do something I was supposed to do it. She made me make this "paint" which was kind of like yogurt. The yogurt/paint was like a sort of poison; If you touched it, you would become controlled by the lady but yet have no recollection of becoming controlled. I mixed together the ingredients for the yogurt/paint in a large wooden mixing bowl. I was careful, however, not to add the "poison" ingredient, as I was very scared of it and did not want to cause anyone to become controlled. I brought the yogurt/paint out of the kitchen and showed it to her. Unfortunately, she could tell I had not added the poison and made me redo the batch, this time watching over me carefully to make sure I added the poison. After I had finished making the yogurt/paint, my mom came into the house and touched it, and she became controlled. She chased me out of the house, trying to ask me why I wouldn't hug her, and I was very scared because I wanted to hug her but if I did I would be controlled. The lady, my mom, and my sister, who had also now become controlled, chased me through this very long stretch of lawn. They kept asking me why I wouldn't hug them, and I was so, so scared, because they kept slowly gaining on me. My dog came up to me and I told her to run as fast as she could because I didn't want her to become controlled too. I shoved her in front of myself and she just barely ran faster than me. All of a sudden we came to a fence, and we knew we had to go over it. My dog leaped over and I started to climb up behind her. By this point our pursuers were below me and kept reaching up to grab me, all the time asking me why I wouldn't hug them. I suddenly became very sad, because I knew that soon they were going to get me, and that once they did it would be easy for them to get my dog. I issued one last plea to my dog, telling her to please, please run faster than she had ever run in her life. To save herself instead of being loyal to me. And right before the people below me were about to touch me, I woke up.

The End

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